This blog is about your favorite bands.

One night, I was looking for a new domain to buy and stumbled upon It served a completely different purpose at the time, but it wasn't long before I thought of a better way to put this internet real estate to use. This Is A Band is a place for you to spread the word about the bands in your life, but not just for the hell of it.

  • Did you see this amazing band on your travels in Europe that you'd never heard of and think everyone else needs to hear them?

  • While you were on tour with your own band, did you perform alongside just the greatest people you'd ever met and feel like everyone else needs to know how great they were?

  • Maybe you were going through a tough time a few years ago and this one band was the reason you're where you are today?

Whatever the reason is, This is a Band is the place to talk about it.

Want to submit a band?

Use this form to submit a band to the site. You don't have to give me a name or email, but by not doing so I won't be able to attribute the post to you nor would I be able to contact you if there's something weird about your submission.

Include as much information as you'd like in the submission box. Write your story, include a link to a video or song, etc. Please don't write a novel.

If you like working in GitHub and hate this form, you can also request or submit a band by filing an issue.