The Dirty Nil

You know that feeling of a cool, summer breeze after a long day of suffering through the existence that is life? Well, imagine that except with a sudden urge to punch a wall out of sheer enjoyment.

That is roughly what it feels like to listen through Fuck Art - the latest album from The Dirty Nil.

It's hard to describe how this album makes you feel simultaneously like you just got let out of school at the start of summer vacation, but that you also need a beer right then and there.

It actually took me a while to appreciate what these guys were doing. I first heard about them (I think) from their session on Audiotree. I was immediately hooked and dove into that first album, but it was a short-lived romance likely as a result of the tumultuous time that is college. But when I heard "Done With Drugs" as a single for Fuck Art, I revisited the catalogue and saw what my life had been missing this whole time.

Just give that a listen and tell me I'm wrong. And when you're done with that, dive into the full album because it's worth every repeated listen.