Songs to help you float.

That's how Edamame describes himself, and he couldn't be more right. By taking the career path I'm in, it's basically a requirement for me to enjoy lo-fi beats; not really, but kind of yes. I can't say I've found a better listening experience for long periods of writing code than to put on Edamame's Periderm. Hell, I'll just shuffle his music while I clean the house because I'm a rebel like that.

It was back in junior year of high school that I learned about the world of post rock - hear me out for a second. That discovery of God Is An Astronaut propelled me on this journey to finding songs that straight up made me feel good. While there were plenty of songs that made me happy, sad, or any other emotions, it was post rock that showed me music could truly have an impact on how my body or mind felt.

I can't tell you when I branched off that path into the realm of electronic music, but I have a feeling Strobe by Deadmau5 was the starting point (cut me some slack). El Ten Eleven probably made their way in there too around this time (not really electronic but still), and then it was last year that I heard Edamame through a Spotify discovery.

Ever since then though, I've had a hard time picking out anyone else to listen to. Going to my Liked Songs and hitting shuffle is one thing, but if I'm actively deciding something to put on then it will probably just be this guy. The music is great and the feels are ever present.

Find Edamame here: https://www.edamamebeats.com/ or on your favorite streaming service.

Float on.