Pet Symmetry

Discovering a new band or genre has often led to defining moments in my life.

There was the time in high school when I learned what post-rock was, or when I stumbled upon Aesop Rock's The Impossible Kid, or even my first time in the pit of a Four Year Strong show. (They're probably the only band where I'll actively seek a spot in the pit.)

But we're not talking about any of those moments right now. Sometime in college - likely after a breakup - I gave Into It. Over It.'s Proper a listen. That album took me on a journey of musical discovery like no other, which is why we're talking about Pet Symmetry today.

Pet Symmetry is the trio of Erik Czaja, Marcus Nuccio, and Evan Thomas Weiss, and they recently (to this blog post) released their third LP Future Suits. If I told you this album gets better with each and every listen, I'd still be underselling how great it is. The previous release, Visions, is an equally enjoyable album, but there is something I can't quite put my finger on about Future Suits.

The production is top-notch; the hooks are clean as hell (who decided hell was a clean place?); and they cover such a wide range of sounds. If you're able to get through the music video for "2021: A Personal Space Odyssey" without feeling the most pumped you've ever been, then I commend you.

Listening to Pet Symmetry has influenced my own writing by showing me a way to be lighthearted-yet-sincere in my music - both instrumentally and lyrically. I'm by no means a lyric writer, but I've moved on from that notion that I have to be going through something to write a song; a song could be about what's going on at this moment and not be a depressing diary entry.

I saw the band in DC on the Visions tour, and if they end up coming around here again for Future Suits then you bet I'll be there. Their stage chemistry is something to admire and I'll still name them as one of my favorite live acts because of it.

If you like what you heard in the music video above, then do check out the whole album. My personal favorite track is Pet Sympathy and it's (almost) all due to that killer lead in the chorus; I get an instant smile guaranteed when it hits.